The Objective

of SOLID Brno s.r.o., is the customer satisfaction. High quality work and compliance with agreed deadlines create reliable environment for the further co-operation.
We also considerably emphasis our relations with the suppliers and customers, which must be always fair, friendly and with a high level of communication. With an honest approach of all employees to their assigned tasks, we are able to create high quality products, which will perform trouble-free operation.
Based on the willingness, the decent behaviour, the teamwork, and the self-responsibility, we create a strong team, which will take this Objective utterly for granted.

Social Benefits

We are co-operating with the Secondary technical schools in Brno and support their student training on a long-term basis. Already few dozens of students passed our operations. These students experienced the engineering company operation and they had a chance to try the basic control of the CNC machines. Every year, some of these students are coming back to us requesting a temporary job during the summer holiday.